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What I did in GSOC . . .


       I am so glad that I successfully completed my gsoc project with the help of my mentor Sven Langkamp, Boudewijn Rempt, and other KDE people. During this period, I learnt a lot from them like how to get some help from other people, how to write the code, committing, testing and also sending it for review. On doing this, I got confidence that I can involve in any open source project and can contribute the best :). Especially, what I like the most in the KDE people is there constant and quick help for the new people , I will follow that . . .

      I want to blog all the things, I did under GSOC Project as a future reference for me. My work is under Krita, and in that

 Resource Management Part

1). GHNS support for the resources – This one is to download and share resources among the users and it is successfully completed. While doing this, I met some new people Frederik Gladhorn and Frank Karlitschek, I asked them how to add categories for resources in the server and did that work. I take so much time for doing this one, I did the things like setting up the downloading functionality, removing the resources and also uploading the resources.

2). Blacklisting the files – We don’t delete the files from the computer. Just we save the names of the files in the XML file and make these files not to upload into the application. At first, we add this functionality only to the readonly files. At the end, we make it available to all types of resources based on user feedback. For restoring resources, I started creating the dialog and it takes some more days to complete.

Tagging Part

1). Tagging UI and XML part: Tagging part helps the users to tag their resources and retrieve them quickly at the time of need. In this part, we added the functionality like adding tag, deleting tag and searching the resources using tags. Initially all these are implemented in XML to make it compatible with GIMP. So, all the tagging conventions used in gimp are used in krita also. But, the compatibility is not yet supported because GIMP is using a variable to store the resource directory address. We need to get that address and make it available in krita. I think, it is a little work and we need to ask that in GIMP mailing list. But at present, the tagging with XML is working fine.

2). Nepomuk backend for Tagging: We add the same tagging functionality with the nepomuk backend also, to support the exchange of tags information with other kde applications. It is also working fine in krita. While doing this, Sebastian Trüg, Vishesh Handa and swair help me a lot to add the nepomuk functionality to krita. Thanks for them .

Sketchbook Tagging

      This will help to store the status of the dockers and use them afterwards. For example, if an artist works on drawing comics, he can save the preferences of resources in the dockers and can shift his work to other type of drawing and come back to the comics drawing immediately with the help of the saved status. This one is also implemented in krita but not yet tested.

   On the whole, Resource Management part and Tagging part are merged into the git master and ready for use. But the sketchbook tagging need to have tested and it will be available to users in some days time. My todo list contains adding tagging part to the image docker and completion of restore resources dialog. I will blog again, when these are completed 🙂

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  1. August 23, 2011 at 11:16 pm


    You worked hard, asked for help, coded hard and… did it! Awesome!

    Thanks for adding some kick-ass features to everyone’s favourite foss-painting app (well, mine at least! ;P )

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