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GHNS for preset resource in Krita

Hi KDE community,

      I enjoyed a lot in reading the blogs of my friends and especially the comments on my first blog :). In this week, I think I finally succeeded in setting the GHNS and it seems working well for presets tab. The things I did in this week are

1). I asked Frank Karlitschek to add these categories at present to opendesktop server

  • Krita Brushes
  • Krita Gradients
  • Krita patterns
  • Krita presets
  • Krita Shapes
  • Krita palettes

     Actually I asked so many categories that are present in krita.knsrc file but he asked me to decrease the number. So, I sent only these categories and in future we can increase the categories according to our need

2) In resourceItemChooser.cpp, I added a function called setGhnsFile() to load the knsrc file for required resource

       I think we have to use different knsrc files for different resources. But the present functionality is considering the default file krita.knsrc only. So, I added a function setGhnsFile() to specify the knsrc file and changed upload/download function to use our specified knsrc file.

3) Added a file called kritapresets.knsrc file for presets resource

     For krita presets, I added a new file to data directory of krita named kritapresets.knsrc file.

        I sent these changes patch to my mentor Sven and he aked me to commit the patch by creating a separate branch. I created a branch named krita_resource-management-tagging-tiyyagura and committed the patch to this branch. Look out this one and share your preset resources. . 🙂

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