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My first week work in GSOC 2011

Hi to all,

         This is my first blog after I got selected for GSOC-2011. My project is in Krita, under calligra and my task is “Tagging and Management for Krita Resources”. Here is the link for my project proposal http://www.google-melange.com/gsoc/proposal/review/google/gsoc2011/srikanth_tiyyagura/1. I am so thankful to Boudewijn rempt, who helped me from the start, i.e. from building Calligra to getting in GSOC 2011. And also thankful to the KDE community for helping me in getting GSOC especially KDE India people who did a good work by organizing kde.conf.in. I am so thankful to them.

         Then about my mentor Sven Langkamp, we started working together from the last week. I am a bit shy in interacting with people. So, I think I need some more time to mingle with my mentor. He is very patient in answering my stupid and silly questions.

         Then my work in first week (April 25 – May 1) is to study the Get Hot new stuff option implemented in presets tab and fix it as it was broken. I didn’t complete this one but I will speed up my work as fast as I can in the coming weeks. what I did in this week is reading through documentation and fixing up somethings.

This is the documentation I read through:

The things I fixed up are

1. Categories need to be updated for downloading resources.

GHNS need a file called appname.knsrc file, which is used to set configuration settings for upload or download dialog of GHNS. In krita, we have krita.knsrc file which contain categories like Krita Pixel Brush Presets, Krita Chalk Presets, Krita Curve Brush Presets, Krita Deform Brush Presets, Krita Duplicate Brush Presets and soon. But these categories are not in the provider server. Regarding this problem, I pinged Frederik Gladhorn who said that these categories are to be maintained at the servers and this work is done by Frank Karlitschek.I already mailed him and am waiting for his reply.
I think once this problem is corrected, we can easily download the resources from the server.

2. For uploading resources – updated a function

Upload option is not active. In order to make it active, I changed a function updateRemoveButtonState() to updateButtonState() in koResourceItemChooser.cpp and .h files and made the upload function active. But while using the upload dialog to share the resources, it is showing error saying that categories is not present in the server. So, this also needs the categories. I didn’t commit the change as the full functionality is not achieved.

On the whole, my opinion on this week is I need to speed up my work and need to develop more interaction with my mentor.

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  1. May 2, 2011 at 9:07 am

    I can’t tell you how happy I am to see that easy sharing and downloading of presets is coming to Krita with your help. Krita has such a powerful, configurable painting engine that I can imagine few new artists would want to figure the whole thing out the first time they open the app to paint. If they can open it up and see a collection of beautiful presets and share and get more easily, I believe it will make a world of difference to getting new artists up and running quickly.

    So welcome to Team Krita! Boud and Sven are great coders to be working with. I’m sure you’ll learn a lot!

  2. Silvio Grosso
    May 2, 2011 at 1:48 pm

    Hi Srikanth Tiyyagura ,

    Welcome on board!

    Your project looks truly interesting and I am sure it will be very useful for both Krita’s users and artists 😉

    Keep up your updates on the Gsoc coming 🙂

  3. Pentalis
    May 5, 2011 at 12:42 am

    Hello there Srikanth!,

    It’s good to see new faces 🙂 .
    That feeling of being clueless and making stupid questions is very familiar to me. Sometimes it may be hard to make questions, but well, feel relieved to know you’re not alone in that… others have been there and done that too >_> like, me, for example.
    I could say this comic illustrates the feeling perfectly

    The feeling is a bit less extreme with a mentor than with an University professor (like your thesis advisor) but fear not, even though it may not seem like it, I think everyone prefers you make the question (stupid as it may look) and progress faster, than not ask it and slow down as you have to make your way through difficulties on your own. After all, that’s what mentoring is for.

    Last but not least, it’s really cool to see people’s blogs on their work in GSoC, now I know why Boud encouraged us to blog weekly, it’s exciting to read 😀

    Sharing Krita presets quickly is one of _the_ little big pieces of polish that the program needs to feel utterly great, how do I know?, because Battle for Wesnoth’s “download new campaigns” interface sure made the game much much cooler when it was implemented; in this case we’d have “download new presets”. This screams awesome all over itself =)

    Fare well!, and see you in #Krita

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